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As her tale emerges we Sharply written! As her tale emerges we become enraged on her behalf. She is entrapped by her times and her gender. Asher is the lost Earl, come at the eleventh hour back to the fold, tragedy at his back and in his heart. A tragedy that 'Boston' unknowingly helps keep at bay.

Slowly we become privy to his story of conflict and loss. These two compliment each other in so many ways. They are indeed sympatico. Balfour is compassionate, insightful and yet afraid of love. Hannah is intelligent and brave, yet fearful. Not for herself but for others. Miss Hannah Cooper is not what Asher expected, and she walks with a limp as she so plainly and unselfconsciously tells him, 'A blind man could tell I limped from the cadence of my steps.

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This time a foot that's associated with a limp, not a sock. I am loving the lure of the elegant foot that crops up in Burowes' novels from time to time. Certainly Balfour himself wonders that, 'feet could be erotic Her storytelling, as always, displays depth and insight. Underlying the story is the very real fact that wives, children, sisters and mothers were at this time at the mercy of their male relations.

They were belongings. When those relationships were good, they were encouraging, not stultifying; but when they were bad they were--despicable. An interesting aside is the use of laudanum at this time, particularly by women and its quite debilitating effect. Addiction is not far away. Hannah's aunt and companion, Miss Enid Cooper, is dependant upon laudanum. This dependency opens up opportunities for Hannah. A wonderful tale of endurance, love and sacrifice--not necessarily in this order. It is quite dazzling to witness the assembled magnificence of the MacGregor brothers along with their wives and children, whom we know from previous tales.

Their support of each other, the exhibition of a caring supportive family is very real. A feast of characters, decisively written and a pleasure to read! Oct 13, LaTanya rated it it was ok.

Lately it appears that if you've read one Grace Burroews book, you've read them all. This book especially seemed to take on a sad almost depressing theme. When they did enjoy themselves, it was very brief, followed by pages and pages of sadness. I read this book with my face scrunched and my brain wondering why is this book sooooo I read this book through the end, saying to myself, it's going to pick up and it did Lately it appears that if you've read one Grace Burroews book, you've read them all.

I read this book through the end, saying to myself, it's going to pick up and it did View 1 comment. Jun 05, Ruth rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , , romance , cried-my-own-tears , scottish , siblings-are-for-punching-or-hugs , use-your-words-dagnabbit , i-m-holding-out-for-a-hero , men-being-adorable-with-babies.

I cried off all my mascara in the last twenty percent of this book or so because I was so sad.

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So so so saaaaaadddddddddd. Well, I could, but it seemed impossible, because she has to be in Boston and he has to be in Scotland and the law was horrible back then, but then it all got fixed, and I was all YAY!!!! Like, seriously. But, even with that, it's a good book, and it's a Burrowes novel which means odds are you're going to get a hero that is as good in his character as he is in his pants, and that's one of the things I love about her books.

And I loved Asher. Loooooooved him.

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Him and his brother Ian are just delightful in so many ways. Also, men with infants. Men wearing kilts holding infants. Men being adorable with babies. I just did.

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Feb 07, Sarahspace rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , historical , I wanted to like this book after reading the other books in the series. However, I found neither the hero or heroine likable.

The heroine was stubborn in the extreme and kinda stupid. Yes, she had a good reason to want to avoid marriage and return home, but had no plan to solve her family's problem. She ignored advice or help that might actually improve her family's difficult situation. Then the hero is a self absorbed jerk. I never got why he thought it was ok to abandon his Scottish family and I wanted to like this book after reading the other books in the series.

I never got why he thought it was ok to abandon his Scottish family and let them think he was dead. Woe is me! My family can't love me!

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They don't know me and I am going to make sure they never do, so I can wallow in my own self pity. So disappointed this great series end with this dud. Dec 20, Farrah rated it liked it. A sweet and lovely historical romance, The MacGregor's Lady was a wonderful read. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a wonderful conclusion to a great series.

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Hannah was a good heroine. She wasn't the type to live the way others told her to live and she was very loyal to her loved ones. That was also a problem, though. I liked that she was so devoted to her family, but it frustrated me that she could see no alternative but to return home, when there were other solutions to be had.

It was irritating because her stubbornness hurt Asher and that man was nothing but sweet. It was a bother, but it wasn't a huge problem.

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I still really liked Hannah, particularly when she came to her senses. She was a lovely heroine. Asher was a total sweetheart. He was so wonderful. I loved how determined he was to win Hannah over and how loyal he was to his family.

I thought he was just perfect. The romance was sweet. Hannah and Asher were a lovely couple. Even when it seemed liked things wouldn't work out for them, their feelings were never in doubt.