Men of Physics: Karl Lark-Horovitz. Pioneer in Solid State Physics

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D'Agostino, B. He attributes this to the fact that the leaders of U.

Doubleday, Mihelich, A. Schardt, and E. Oxley, W. Cartwright, J. Rouvina, E. Baskir, D. Klein, J.

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Ring, and W. See Stanley A. Enrico Fermi, Nuclear Physics, notes compiled by J.

Karl Lark-Horovitz

Orear, A. Rosenfeld, and R. Schluter Chicago: University of Chicago Press, See also C.

Yang, FP, for the impression received on a visit to Fermi at the hospital. Egon Schwarz. Chamberlain, E. Wiegand, and T. Ypsilantis, "Observation of Antiprotons," Phys. Chamberlain and C. Wiegand, Inst. Radio Eng. Amaldi, G. Baroni, C. Castagnoli, O.

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Chamberlain, W. Chupp, C. Franzinetti, G. Goldhaber, A. Manfredini, E. Chupp, A. Ekspong, C. Goldhaber, E. Lofgren, A. On November 15 and 16, , there was a small conference at Berkeley to commemorate the thirtieth aniversary of the antiproton's discovery. The first morning was devoted to history; L. Alvarez presided. He started with an introduction explaining why he had not discovered the antiproton and why the discovery was not trivial and obvious. Next Lofgren spoke, giving an excellent presentation on the bevatron.

Clyde Wiegand followed for about thirty minutes. He gave a detailed account of the work performed by himself and Chamberlain. Among other things, he said that he and Chamberlain had started planning the experiment secretly, outside of regular working hours. He mentioned Ypsilantis only peripherally, in connection with the addition of a counter to the apparatus. He never mentioned me, as though I had not existed. I was saddened by the performance.

It must represent Wiegand's present state of mind; this must be his recollection of the discovery of the antiproton. Others spoke following Wiegand. Finally, Piccioni spoke for a few minutes on the antineutron discovery in which he had participated; then, for about an hour, he renewed his accusations against Chamberlain and me, saying that we had stolen the plans of the apparatus used from him, and that I had by trickery excluded him from the execution of the experiment.

Part of the public smiled; others did not seem to enjoy the performance. A historian commented to me: "See why historians put more trust in documents than in possibly distorted memories?

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  • Cork, G. Lambertson, O. Piccioni, and W. Button, T. Elioff, E. Steiner, R. Weingart, C. Agnew, T. Elioff, W. Fowler, L. Gilly, R.

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    Lander, L. Oswald, W. Powell, E. Steiner, H. White, C. Auerbach, T. Johnson, J. Lach, C. Letters 9 : Chemical and Engineering News 48 : The poll asked respondents to name the ten ablest chemists working in several specialized fields. In nucleonics, the list was P. Abelson, C. Coryell, F. Kennedy, W. Libby, G. Sugarman, and A. Wahl, in alphabetical order. Lawrence, letter to Harold C. Urey, of May 31, Bancroft Library. See pp. The letter in which Lawrence joined with Seaborg in proposing me for the Nobel Prize in , based on the discovery of antiprotons, is also among the Lawrence Papers at the Bancroft Library.

    Many students, some of the greatest ability, participated in our work. Wright, S. Ghoshal, E. Kelly, G. Temmer, M.

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    Stern, A. Bloom, G. Pettengill, R.