Into the Black: Odyssey One

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The focus is centred on the crew of the Odyssey, Earths first faster-than-light capable spacecraft. There are, however, other points of view scattered through the crew and used when required — in particular, the view tends to split and follow ground troops when required.

The Odyssey has a bigger stick, but it still feels like a tin can locked in a hostile environment, with a crew under terrific pressure both within and without. It's all about depth. I've spent longer than I'd like to admit switching out abilities, tweaking my armour and loadout and not always just for fashion purposes , to boost and change stats across the three categories - Hunter, Warrior and Assassin ranged, combat and stealth respectively.

This is the RPG that Assassin's Creed didn't even know it wanted to be, but here we are and it's an absolute work of art and gameplay.

Out of the Black (Odyssey One, #4) by Evan Currie

You will need to keep tweaking and switching in and out your items though, because the combat will keep constantly testing you. Not only do you have warring Spartans and Athenians to contend with, you also have mercenary bounty hunters coming after you if you start stealing, looting or, you know, assassinating. There's a mini-game in itself trying to work your way through the mercenary ranks to become top dog, but sometimes you'll curse them when they arrive mid-way through completing a Fort or a particularly tricky fight and one-hit kill you.

The save system doesn't help either, as I've regularly lost a good chunk of progress for an autosave failing to trigger within a combat zone. And when the loading times can be lengthy enough for you to make a cup of tea in, you will curse that autosave trickery. But thankfully, the fact that these are my only gripes really sings Assassin's Creed Odyssey's praises. And I haven't even touched on some of the other new additions too, like the conquest battles that play out style with Athenians against Spartans, forcing you to work your way through soldier after soldier, captain after captain until you eventually win.

They can feel a little formulaic at times, but for the most part they're optional and do imbue you with a sense of event and ceremony - and get you some rather good loot. In the end this journey is all about choice. The people you decide to let live, the romances you have, the sexuality lines you blur, the questlines you follow, the people you help and hinder and the RPG picks you make.

It's an utterly beautifully crafted world and story, with cutscenes for literally days. After 70 hours I've only just finished the main storyline and I still have plenty to see in Odyssey's Greece, and it's a joy to keep on exploring. This really is the ultimate Creed.

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Our Verdict Perfects everything Origins did and enhances them in ways you never thought an Assassin's Creed game could. Pros A vast, utterly engrossing story Best heroes to date A world that keeps on giving. Cons Loading times can be lengthy. Spartan Kick your way to victory 12 essential Assassin's Creed Odyssey tips to know before you play.

The Verdict.

Evan Currie Into the Black Odyssey One Part 01 Audiobook

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Perfects everything Origins did and enhances them in ways you never thought an Assassin's Creed game could. It revels in the art of lack speech not by changing its content, but by sinking deeper into its nuances, its heart. But rather than retreat to a kind of haughtiness, the script and its speakers explode into a cool, funky, plaintive miasma of slang.

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The stage, designed brilliantly by Jon Savage, perhaps embodies this best. Stellar lighting by Aja M. Jackson submerges the performances beneath murky sea blues and molten yellows, while characters switch from being portrayed by human actors to being small dolls carried aloft by the ensemble. Ambush coaxes performances that flow from comedic simplicity to a kind of poetic clarity.

No moment is simple.

The Odyssey

The play is in constant motion, shifting like the ocean currents. The cast, luckily, keeps its footing firm, rooting the play in absolute knockout performances. Green as Ulysses himself are the beating heart of the production.

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The force of their humanity rattles the stage, tearing at every audience member, forcing them to gobble up every second of their work. No line is wasted, no movement unfelt.