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And Benford attempts to provide answers to one of those questions raised in the original series: upon what exactly did Seldon base his insights into psychohistory? Benford also sets the stage for future concepts in the series e. The second of the Second Foundation Trilogy books is Foundation and Chaos , which takes place at the same time as the first section of Foundation.

The book expands the background and the intrigues that precede the trial, and provides a far more detailed explanation for why the trial ended as it did. In it David Brin deliberately picks up what Bear started in the previous novel—reconciling the inconsistencies and unanswered questions that came about as a result of combining two monumental series.

Hari Seldon goes off in search of an answer to the one remaining major question he encountered during his development of psychohistory—the causes of periodic outbreaks of chaos, where worlds experience a tremendous outburst of creativity and then inevitably violently collapse.

Why has there been relatively little technological progress in all the millennia the Empire has existed? He also nicely incorporates references to other Asimov novels e. And of the three books in the Second Foundation Trilogy this one feels the most like something the Good Doctor might have written himself.

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Overall, though, I think the Second Foundation Trilogy does a good job of creating missing detail and more effectively tying the Foundation and Robot series together. And the books are all fun reads on their own. See more details.

Foundation's Fear (Second Foundation Series #1)

However, their use is discontinued by the end of the book, and are only mentioned in a few places in the other books of the Second Foundation Trilogy. These sections are largely independent of the sections on Hari Seldon. This book introduces the High and Low Councils, whose members are representatives of the Galactic people. Possibly one could also imagine a council of the nobility.

This is in the aftermath of the military junta. Benford presents the Dahlites as an ethnic group from the Dahl Sector, but who are also scattered amongst the other Sectors of Trantor, and other Zones of the Galaxy. The theme of the chaos worlds is carried through to the other books of the Second Foundation Trilogy. The 3D projected graphs present a fascinating image, and appear to be a precursor to the Prime Radiant. Although Joranum is now dead, there are indications that his followers, the Joranumites, may be gathering strength for another attempt to take over.

Seldon sends his foster-son, Raych, to infiltrate the group.

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Meanwhile, Emperor Cleon promotes one of his gardeners to Chief Gardener, and Seldon suddenly realises this means there will be large influx of new gardeners to the Imperial Palace grounds, with critical security implications. Dors Venabili Ten years before, Emperor Cleon had been assassinated, and a military junta came to power. Seldon had resigned as First Minister, and he and his family had returned to Streeling University.

Raych had married a woman called Manella, and they had a daughter, Wanda, who is now seven years old. The Psychohistory Project now has a large staff. When Seldon turns sixty, his department decides to have a big celebration. Or was it a dream?

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Dors had been assigned the task of protecting Seldon by Demerzel and she continues to take that responsibility. She starts to investigate whether there could be a plot. It appears that the junta want to make use of psychohistory, but consider that Seldon needs to be removed.

The military junta had fallen, and a new Emperor is on the throne, but he is little more than a figurehead.

Economy and technology on Trantor are beginning to collapse, and crime is on the increase. With the reduction in funding, Seldon wonders whether he can keep the Psychohistory Project going. Seldon spends much of his time in the Galactic Library, preparing for the planned Encyclopedia Foundation. The Psychohistory Project now includes encyclopedists as well as mathematicians and historians.

Seldon discovers that Wanda has mental powers, the ability to read and control minds, as well as being involved with him in his work on psychohistory. This gives Seldon the idea of establishing the Second Foundation, with people with mental powers, but how can he find other people with this ability? But Lodovik is also secretly a humaniform robot — an agent of Daneel. He finds that he is no longer constrained by the Laws of Robotics. This group is headed by an ancient robot called Plussix.

There she was reactivated and repaired. Now Daneel brings her back to Trantor, but not to be with Hari, which is what she very much wishes, but for another assignment. Wanda Seldon Palver and her husband Stettin Palver have been recruiting mentalics people with mental powers for the Second Foundation. Farad Sinter has ambitions to advance his position in the Imperial court.

In the aftermath of the trial, various friends and enemies converge on Seldon to either attack or protect. And recognising the existence of such powerful mentalics as Vara and Klia, Seldon wonders whether the Plan has been all for nothing. The concept of the two groups of robots, Giskardians and Calvinians, and their conflict over the ages, is fascinating. At the end of the book, Klia and her boyfriend Brann are incorporated into the Second Foundation group in order to build up the mentalic ability in the gene pool and combat any future rogue mentalics.

The Psychohistorians , it strikes me that there is a lot more going on than was obvious in that earlier-written book. The Psychohistorians , there is a scene where Seldon explains what is going on to Gaal Dornick. This appears to occur immediately after the trial.

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Then a man, Horis Antic, comes to him with a theory which shows some correlation between the chaos worlds, soil samples on various worlds, and the currents of space. Seldon decides to go with him on a trip into space to investigate this theory. On this trip they find ancient artifacts in space which reveal forgotten facts about ancient history.

And they are hijacked first by radicals from the latest chaos world, Ktlina, and then by a renegade robot, who takes them to Earth. As they travel, Seldon learns new things about the nature of chaos. Chaos is a condition of the human race which causes disruption and collapse whenever human society goes through sudden advancement and innovation. It appears to be a kind of infection, which first appeared on Earth at the beginnings of space travel, and the invention of robots.

It may have been introduced from outside, but this question is not resolved. In the meantime, Daneel, who is not satisfied that the two Foundations will be the solution to the chaos problem, has come up with a new solution: Gaia. There are however a few apparent conflicts with the other books of the Second Foundation trilogy — or at least an undermining of the intent of the other authors.

It is not clear whether these children will be included in the Second Foundation or in Gaia. Of course, it could be explained by saying Daneel found out about their location, and made changes. Of course, as Daneel is depicted in these books, he is willing to lie as part of his role of protecting humanity. This seems to undermine the intent of Gregory Benford in his novel. Does this mean that Betan Lamurk was innocent of this attack, or that Daneel had manipulated Lamurk? Epilogue Seldon remains on Trantor, expecting to die soon.

He has recorded the Crisis holograms, which Gaal Dornick has taken to Terminus. The Psychohistory Project personnel have moved to Terminus. Leyel Forska has been a close friend and financial supporter of Hari Seldon and his Psychohistory Project for many years, and continues to support him as he sets up the Encyclopedia Foundation.

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He is therefore very disappointed when Seldon turns down his application to join the Foundation as it is reestablished on the planet Terminus. Then Hari Seldon dies. The Imperial government had been suspicious of Seldon, and now transfer their suspicions to Leyel. As time goes on, Leyel finds himself more and more alone, and without purpose, as his wife Deet gets involved with her work at the Imperial Library.

He tries to continue his own field of study, the origin of the human race. I found the story a bit too drawn-out, and dwelling too much on emotions for my taste.

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Trader Limmar Ponyets learns that a fellow trader has been imprisoned on the planet Askone, for trying to sell atomic devices, which the Askonians consider abominations. Ponyets must rescue his friend, and also persuade Askone to accept atomic devices. Perhaps a machine which turns iron into gold will help. Korell is aware that the Foundation controls other worlds through religion, and will therefore not buy atomic equipment from the Foundation. However, Mallow manages to establish a trading relationship with Korell, for atomic-powered domestic appliances, factory tools and luxury items, but without the religious pricetag.