Blood Moons Rising: Bible Prophecy, Israel, and the Four Blood Moons

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John learned about them directly from Pastor Mark Biltz, but published his own book first, and captured much of the attention. The Blood Moons story ended up taking on a life of its own, even busting out of Christian media and into the secular media. In I set up a google alert for the term Blood Moons, so I watched the entire scenario unfold one day at a time. During the run up to the Blood Moons and before the fourth and final Blood Moon, the various camps as follows.

First let us talk about those Christians who were already interested in the End Times prophetic movement. They gravitated to this teaching very quickly to learn about it, and they divided into the first two camps:. Many articles and videos came out on it from the prophetic community, and from pastors and Christian leaders. Next let us talk about those Christians who were not already interested in End Time prophecy.

They divided into four more camps. Camp 3: People who were already interested in Israel, who were curious to learn about it because the Blood Moons had to do with Israel. This perhaps deepened their understanding of the feast days, and is a positive outcome. Camp 4: People who were interested enough in learning about the topic, that it actually spurred them on to learn about both the topic and about Israel and understand the feast days.

Blood Moons: God’s Great Bait-and-Switch - Israel News

This is an extremely positive outcome! The Blood Moons put Israel on the map for many Christians, forcing them to start the process of learning about their Jewish roots.

Bible Prophecy, Israel, and the Four Blood Moons

I myself was one such person! Ninety percent of Christians worldwide probably fell into this category. They occurred on Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles and coincided with Israel being declared a nation. The third occurrence was in , when the Six-Day War took place, uniting the city of Jerusalem for the first time in 2, years — a monumental prophetic event. The upcoming tetrad signifies that God is up to something significant concerning Israel, according to Hagee. Pastor Hagee doesn't know what God may be up to exactly, but he appears certain that "the anticipation of these events does tell us that God is getting ready to change the course of human history.

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While Hagee's book remains a bestseller and has received favorable reviews, there are some Christians who find the Texas pastor's weaving together of celestial events, Jewish history and prophetic theories troubling. Chris White, a filmmaker and prophecy enthusiast who hosts several online Christian radio programs, presented a critique of the "blood moon" theory in December, specifically in regard to passages in the Books of Joel, Matthew and Revelation, Jewish history, and other "inconvenient" lunar eclipses.

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This was designed to be a year of rest and a built-in release or down time for the economy. Seven Shemitah years equals 49 years and the year following the seventh Shemitah, the 50th year, is the Jubilee. A tetrad of blood moons that precede a Jubilee year could foreshadow major events happening to Israel and to the world. It is difficult to predict such events beforehand, because they do not relate to definite Biblical prophecies; therefore, relying too much on on these potential signs could result in errors or false predictions.

Some of the most significant economic depressions and recessions have occurred during Shemitah years, especially at their end. Could the intersection of the Shemitah with the blood moons be a further sign that something of significance is about to happen? Something momentous may indeed occur during this period; however, we must remember that God cannot be put into a box and made to perform according to our calculations.

Therefore, we should remain alert but not anticipate any events that we define as needing to occur during this period. Even though nothing of any significance has to happen at the end of this tetrad, it is nonetheless very important to watch and be ready for the next major event on the End Times calendar.

Blood Moons—Do They Fulfill Bible Prophecy?

If two previous tetrad sequences were associated with the reestablishment of Israel and the capturing of Jerusalem, then what if anything might this one portend—perhaps another Mideast war or the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple? Israel engaged in a major operation to eliminate the threat from this terrorist group and destroy their missiles and underground tunnel networks entering Israel from the west. Hundreds of missiles were launched at Israeli cities during this war, but the Israel Defense Forces responded with overwhelming military power.

As a result, the Gaza region home to millions of Palestinians was significantly affected and much of it was destroyed by air strikes upon known Hamas arms and missile locations. Another significant event during this recent tetrad was the signing on July 14, of an international agreement with Iran over their nuclear program. This agreement was fiercely opposed by Israel, because Iran has sworn to destroy the Jewish nation. However, the Bible predicts in Ezekiel that in the Last Days a powerful nation will attack Israel from out of the north.

Ezekiel predicts that one of the allies of Russia during this attack will be Persia, which is modern day Iran.

Iran is moving to be a nuclear power and a strong ally of Russia, just as the prophecies predict. The signing of this agreement with Iran virtually assures that they will continue on this path until the final battles of the End Times occur. We also should be aware, however, that some of the sensational claims made by authors with regard to blood moon tetrads may be false or misleading. Each claim or statement should be carefully verified to be sure they are accurate.

For instance, the author Rivkah Lambert Adler writing for breakingisraelnews.

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And extremely rare, happening only four times in years, are tetrads that fall on the significant Jewish holidays of Passover and Sukkot [Feast of Tabernacles]. These sequences included the years , , and Read more here. There was however a tetrad during that did fall on the Jewish holy days of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles, just as does the tetrad of NASA has stated that this will be the last appearance of a Tetrad in this century.